Sunday, August 12, 2007

Old should be gold

I am writing after a long time but the incident I am going to write about happened around a month or two ago. I very rarely go to beauty parlor. It is not that I am so beautiful that I don’t need to go there. ;) I am just plain lazy. I never find the motivation or the drive to go there and spend at least an hour. Getting a hair cut is the maximum motivation I can draw. Anyways, the last time I had been to L’Oreal beauty salon was a month or two ago. An old lady had also come there. She had short hair and was nicely dressed. I was amazed to see her come for a hair cut and some other beauty treatments.
I was thinking, at this age, she has the enthusiasm to walk to the parlor and sit through hour long sessions. I admired her silently. But what I didn’t like was the attendants at the parlor were speaking of her in the manner of making fun of her. Old people need to be admired for not letting age come in the way of enjoying life. Older people also have a right to live the way they want to. Just because they are old doesn’t mean they have to sit at home and sing bhajans.
Weekend activity update: Anurag gets a card in office which can be used for purchasing food items. Mainly it is for buying lunch, snacks etc in office. But the remaining amount lapses this month end and so we went to the FabMall located inside his office and picked up as much food stuff as we could see, without looking at the cost. It was fun. We ended up with one and a half kg of pasta of different types, olives, olive oil, custard powder which makes 100 bowls of custard, pasta sauce, salad dressing and all the things which I would otherwise never buy. But looked like many people before us had already raided the place as most of the shelves were empty and we still managed to spend 2000 Rs. on food items. :)


Raaga said...


Nice post. I agree with you that age should never be a barrier.

About the ovens, a regular microwave will bake, but will not brown the cake. You get microwaves that have grill and convection modes. They cost about 12K. That is a 5 in 1.

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi nikita,
Welcome to my blog! Nice knowing you!
I am 46 and I am visiting parlours since last 5 years only. I too am kind of lazy,:)) may be once in 6 months I may trim my hair! But my parlour ladies are so good, they keep pestering me for facial, pedicure etc. I am hardly bothered about a few (many?) grey hairs. A steert vendor noticed my grey hairs and tried to sell some oil to me!! :D
I am happy to visit a site other than food blogs! Please visit my daughters QTOL, some thing like yours. I am sure yuo'll like it!